We are in the planning and design stages of a new building. The existing buildings on site currently can accommodate 20 mentally disabled children and adults and 30 psychiatrically women.

 Annani Trauma Center is addressing the critical need to increase its capacity and improve conditions in the existing center’s space. The first phase of this project is the construction of a new accommodation building. This will effectively double the Center capacity. The next phase is the refurbishment of the existing facilities which we will be undertaking this year.

Therefore, the new building will provide:

– More than double the capacity for residence, creating the ability to care for twice as many children and adults with severe/profound intellectual disability
-Additional accommodation for the users (50 females and 30 males), lounge, bathrooms, and recreation hall. – allowing for more tailored treatment and less chance of virus and infection transmission.

Annani trauma center, like so many other organizations, has been negatively affected by the harsh economic climate at present. Financial means are scarce because the project is mostly financed privately. Despite the many challenges that we face on a daily basis Annani delivers and will continue to deliver an invaluable service to the community of Vaal Triangle and surrounding areas. In order to continue rendering effective services and to provide the maximum care for the residents whom we serve, we most certainly cannot do it without your support.

We would like to ask for contributions by means of, cleaning materials, brooms (indoor and outdoor), paint, primer, tiles, wood panels any building materials, or a cash donation, which will be highly appreciated. 

Without your support, we cannot provide the very best facilities and life experiences. Challenge yourself for a good cause.

Help Annani Trauma Center make a difference in the lives of children and people who have been diagnosed with severely/profound intellectual disabilities.

We can’t get there without your generous support.